Non Surgical Facelift

Non-Surgical Facelifts in Southport, the Gold Coast

There are different treatments that can rejuvenate one’s appearance without the need for surgery. We perform a combination of non-surgical facelift treatments in our cosmetic clinic in Southport on the Gold Coast, which includes good skin care, anti-wrinkle injections and laser skin resurfacing to give you more appealing and youthful skin.

To reduce the risks and potential complications of surgery, our qualified practitioners in Southport, the Gold Coast, always offer less invasive procedures first, such as non-surgical facelifts, before the more invasive ones.

  • To begin, most of our clients are prescribed with skin care products that can greatly reduce sun damage and skin ageing. This is something you can do without any real downside but has a lot of potential benefits.
  • The next type of treatment that we offer in our Southport cosmetic clinic on the Gold Coast include injectable products. This product is injected into the muscles to relax them and stop the development of facial wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet.
  • The last group of options to rejuvenate the face is usually done with lasers. The up-to-date laser technology that we use in our Southport, Gold Coast clinic has been perfected carefully over many years, creating the quickest and most best performing treatment available in the market. Because of this, our facial procedures have minimal discomforts and can tighten the skin.

Always discuss your options with our qualified practitioners. You have the freedom to choose the options that sound best to you and create a specific plan together with our qualified practitioners to achieve your desired results. These are significant medical procedures, and as such, they carry certain and significant risks. These will be discussed with you prior to any treatment. We also recommend you seek a second opinion.

Flexible Payment Plans are now available at the clinic to ease the pressure off financing your needs (excluding injectables). Please see our Finance Options for more information.